Life as an immigrant



22 apr , 2016, 17.31 ammaralkaysi


Nothing is worth more in the life of a human being than humanity. This is one of the advanced countries’ secrets to being on a higher level than many other countries, and something that is missed in many parts of the world.

I could give you endless examples about this, but what sticks to my mind right now is my recent experience with dentistry care.
A month ago I had a toothache during the weekend, so I couldn’t eat or sleep for two days. I didn’t call the emergency number because I guessed my situation was not that bad, and they might give me an appointment after one or two weeks.

On Monday, I went to the nearest hospital and asked the reception for help. Their treatment were very nice and helpful. They gave me an emergency number which I called, but I couldn’t catch them, so I chose the ”call me back” option.

Just when I felt despair and expected nothing would be done, I received a call from the emergency number of dental care. Unfortunately, there was no vacancy that day in the hospital, so she asked me if I could go to any place else. I replied spontaneously that I would go wherever around the world to get rid of that pain. Then she gave me an appointment on the same day, and with the assistance of the reception workers who wrote the address I reached that hospital.

The dentist and the assistants treated me very well and did their job in very proper way. The satisfied and grateful feelings push me to write about my experience in this field. High regards to the white angels ”health workers” and to all people who did well for the humanity.

One of the immigrants,
Ammar Al-Kaysi

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