Life as an immigrant



16 jun , 2016, 10.56 ammaralkaysi


Working for people’s services for nothing in return is a supreme humanitarian effort especially when these people are in need. Many Finns help immigrants in their first steps and support their integration into the new community.

As soon as we had arrived to a camp, some kind-hearted people visited the camp and asked about the newcomer’s situation and their needs. While I was there, we got support in the form of clothes, bicycles, food, people picking us up for a trip and teaching language a few times.

Even now, there are some of those volunteers still doing their jobs and teaching people in the camp the Finnish Language. All the immigrants who are interested in learning the Finnish language appreciate the big efforts of those teachers. Other volunteers started a non-profit project – the ”Villgae Café! – that helps immigrants to mingle with the local people and to invest their free time until get their decision.

Some individuals assist immigrants in settling here after they get a residence permit to live in Finland, like finding flat for them and finding schools or courses that help them to do their profession.

We as immigrants are grateful to all those kind people. My best regards to all of them, especially the teachers who taught me the basics of the Finnish language.

One of the immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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