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Eid Al-Fitr

5 jul , 2016, 17.47 ammaralkaysi


Ramadan will finish in few coming days then we will receive a day as a gift after one month of fasting. This day is called Eid Al-Fitr or ”fast-breaking feast” and it might on Wednesday (06.07). It is a happy occasion that makes all Muslims happy and satisfied because they promise to continue their good deeds for the rest of their lives.

We actually do several traditional and ritual things in this day. It begins with gathering in a prayer, wearing traditional white clothes according to our local customs, and giving children money or treats. The ritual part of the Eid is not completed unless, we share the pleasure with poor and neglected people. In some countries like Iraq people visit the graveyard to greet their departed relatives, then they gather in the grandfather’s house to celebrate this occasion.

During Eid day we visit our families, relatives, neighbors and friends. In every house we go, they offer uss some popular cookies, sweets, desserts , beverages, and nuts. There is a unique cookie for every country with a special recipe handed down from mothers to their daughters. For example in Iraq it is called ”Klecha”; while in Syria and the neighborhoods they called it ”Ma’amoul”.

We usually assist our mom in its preparation and encircle it to make and enjoy talking about really old stories of our families and their lives. I was helping my mom in kneading the dough with my both hands as you needs muscles to make it smooth.

Skärmavbild 2016-07-05 kl. 17.40.12

The ”Klecha” cookie.

Skärmavbild 2016-07-05 kl. 17.40.20


Sample of servings for Eid.

The big family members should give the small ones money or gifts when they greet them, and some do the same for women. We will really miss these activities, but as my mom said you should make the Eid not wait for it to visit us.

I would like to say ”Eid Mubarak”; or ”blessed feast”; to all Muslims in Finland and around the world, and also we hope that Allah will accept our fast and good deeds.

Eid in Iraq

This Eid in Iraq is beyond recognition with all these tragic and terrible conditions Iraqis face. The last disastrous event was the bomb blasted in a Mall in Baghdad which was very crowded at that time with people shopping for Eid. There about 213 innocent souls died while

more than 200 were injured.

Not far away, there are about over three million displaced people, and recently of Faluja and Anbar who fled the persecutions from ISIS and other militias, so they are living on the land in hot weather and terrible conditions.

Under this situations people in Iraq and outside will receive Eid Al-Fitr brokenhearted. My deep condolences to all the families of victims and I pray for all injured people to get rapid recovery. Also I hope my country will find its way of safety, justice and welfare.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi




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