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The Islamic Center

6 jun , 2017, 13.14 ammaralkaysi


There are a lot of debates that recently appeared in the local mass media, about building an Islamic center in Helsinki in Finland. Some people talked about which the advantages the community will obtain from such a project, while others were afraid of this structure to be a source of terrorists.

However, there is no doubt of the general consensus that muslims have the right to practice their religion freely like other religions. Building the Islamic center in Finland is essential and useful for several reasons. Muslims in Finland need a center that assists them to determine many Islamic issues that are various from their place according to the new environment, for instance organizing prominent Muslims rituals like: prayers timetable, fast times, charity … etc.

An important role of the Islamic center is establishing the coexistence of the muslims in this country. Actually, it will focus on facing the challenges that confront Muslims in Finland, as well as try to establish bridges between muslims and their society. It also will contribute in integration of the new comers with the community since most of them come from islamic background, and support them in learning Finnish as it would be the common language for communication of people from different countries and languages.

Moreover, building such a center that clarify what real, correct islam is helps steering away from misconceptions that may lead to extremism ideology and terrorism. Several sources indicated that the terrorists’ have little knowledge of islam. Above all else, keeping minorities rights to perform their rituals freely, and supporting them as an integral entity of the society is a pillar of European societies that they deserve to be proud of.

I congratulate muslims in Finland and whole world for the fasting month Ramadan.

One of Immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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  1. From Swedenistan skriver:

    If big mosques are to be built in Finland then they should be monitored. What is being said in the mosque. Who are the imams speaking there etc. Who finances the mosque is a relevant question as well.

    • Ammar Al-Kaysi skriver:

      Thanks for your comment. I think they are going to build an Islamic Center which will include: Park, Club for women, Children, and men, Swimming pool, market or shops, .. and mosque.
      About more details you can find it with the sponsor and with the Finnish government.


  2. Fred Flinta skriver:

    You write ”what real, correct islam is”.

    A couple of questions related to that.

    Firstly, is that the sunni or the shia interpretation of islam?

    And secondly, what makes you or anybody else the authority on what the real, correct islam is? As far as I know, the imams of IS have quite successfully justified their actions on the writings in the quran.

    • Mik-a skriver:

      Yes exactly. I think the Sufi interpretation is correct. Anybody elses got it wrong.
      The statement of real is a source of conflict.

    • Good questions, I will answer you from my opinion:
      1. I don’t know exactly, but what I know in the past they were doing all their rituals together, but now, little changed for some reasons which I might focus on in my next blog.

      2. The word of ”Islam” means the peace in Arabic, so for sure they understood the Islam in wrong way.
      Also I think extremely people in every religions and they say the same that this comes from their religion not from their misunderstood.


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