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Snow and Cold Weather

8 jan , 2016, 10.05 ammaralkaysi


Seeing snow or living in a snowy atmosphere is considered a totally new experience for many immigrants and refugees. They get the chance to enjoy the snow time by making ice men, writing and carving their names in the snow, and taking some memorial photos with their friends.

Actually, the snow adds a kind of brightness to the long dark winter nights. Regarding the town where our refugee camp is situated, the weather is extremely freezing. It is the coldest winter we ever have seen. However, we feel quite warm inside the camp, as there is a central heating system working effectively which keeps the temperature on a suitable level.

Moreover, we got some warm winter clothes from the camp, which are proper for such cold weather. Many of these clothes are given by the camp staff, who are really helpful and kind. They also supply us with a lot of valuable advice on how to adapt to this weather by wrapping ourselves tightly and covering our heads and ears. They also advice us not to walk on the frozen lakes in the early winter days when the ice is thin.

On the other hand, there is an obstacle which we are facing daily in the camp: the distance to the nearest bus stop. The nearest bus stop is 1,7 kilometres away from the camp, and the roads are not on the same level. There are some high and some low levels, which lead to a few really slippery places. This makes walking to the bus stop somewhat difficult each day. Hope it is not going to cause any harm to anyone in the future.

One of the immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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  1. Tapio skriver:

    OMG! Stop the madness. There has to be a better and safer way to reach the bus stop. I experienced the same challenges while growing up in Finland. Luckily I did not hurt myself.

    Good luck with your new home country, albeit challenging at times.

  2. Pia skriver:

    Looking forward to reading more about your life and wishing you all the best in your new home country!

  3. Monika skriver:

    Your writing about the slippery road made me remember when I studied in Kuopio. We were on a quite tight budget, and were adventurous anyways so we drove our bikes also in winter. This resulted sometimes in smaller accidents :). Once I drove down the hill on the way to uni and the bike totally slipped. So I flew off from it in front of all the others who were on the way to school as well. Of course it is important to be cautious but sometimes these minor falls can be quite funny memories later. Besides they are almost inevitable-it is a useful skill to learn how to fall.

    • ammaralkaysi skriver:

      Thank you all for being interested and wanting to know more about our life. I hope to have some experience in walking and driving bikes in the snow weather.
      Wish all the best for you all.

      • henrik skriver:

        Did you get your driving license in Irak (righthand traffic?), Germany or Finland.
        Its very expensive to take a finnish driving-license ! Its a horrible expensive, i think today about 2000 Euro at least.

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