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Iraqi Asylum Seekers’ Situation

15 apr , 2017, 21.25 ammaralkaysi


Most Iraqi refugees who wait for immigration decision have gloomy prospects of their life and feel lost  when thinking about their unknown future.

They have heard of the massive numbers of people who got rejected and that Iraq is being considered as a safe area.

Although two years have passed and some immigrants speak Finnish very well, they found themselves between two choices of either ejecting out of the camp and taking all the responsibility, or being deported to their country.

The situation in Iraq is very complicated and cannot be looked at as merely safe. Many areas are not stable at all even if the media have draw an optimistic picture of the life there.

People in areas that were under ISIS control (Anbar, Salahuddin and Diala) can be either be displaced outdoors in camps and perhaps be traced by some militias in other provinces or they can be returned back and begin to build their town again but risking to be surprised by the presence of ISIS remnants and get punished by them.

Actually, in most areas which have been freed by the Iraqi army they are still not allowing the civilians to return back. There is another critical area like Mosul that is still under fire of war against ISIS and if they are lucky enough, they would be displaced in insufficient and not adequate camps.

Areas like Baghdad can have a rest from explosions, but it is not free from planned terrifying actions of armed militias that are stealing peoples’ souls according to their ethnicity or religion … etc.

In dead, most youth who do not want to be a part of this oppressive war and the chaos, fled away from their country in order to live a better, safe life and and build a new future. Some people got a real threat to their lives and cannot return back to their disturbed hometown.

All Iraqis eagerly await for the day when peace prevails in their country and they can live safely in it with a government that treats all members of society with equity and justice.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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