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One Year of Staying in Finland

17 jan , 2017, 10.03 ammaralkaysi


Almost a year has passed since I got granted a residence visa to stay in Finland. It passed so fast, though I tried to put my shoulder to the wheel and catch the life pace.

During this year I came across different high and low tides that made me wiser and more patient.

I spent the first two months looking for a flat, completing registration in different service offices, and establishing the new life. As I saw some difficulties in starting up my life, I dedicated the next months on helping the new comers to set up their lives.

Meanwhile, I applied for some jobs, but I missed a crucial condition required for them which was speaking the Finnish language, so I gave the priority to study Finnish.

It is now five months since I joined the language courses, and I need more time to accomplish the task.

On the other hand, there were many plans I failed to fulfill last year. For example, I intended to visit my sick mother to reassure her in the new year holiday, but unfortunately, it did not come true.

Furthermore, like other immigrants who came alone and left their families behind them, I tried to settle down and find a suitable wife, though I saw it more difficult than I expected especially under the new reunification laws.

This year I expect to complete the Finnish language courses, and to find a suitable job in my specialty. I also keep on going on to achieve the remaining goals of last year.

I hope you all will have a happy year with lots of achievements and success.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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  1. Maria skriver:

    Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts. It is so good to read about your life and not just reading about immigrants in the newspaper. Keep up the important work, kiitos!

    • Ammar Al-Kaysi skriver:

      Ole hyvä.
      I promise keep writing about my and other friends (immigrants) life here.. Thank you for your kind comment.

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