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14 okt , 2016, 11.22 ammaralkaysi


Most of countries have a comprehensive program in order to integrate immigrants with local people in a specific time period. However, there are some obstacles for immigrants that may decrease the integration within the new society in a reasonable time. I try to discuss some points from the immigrant’s perspective.

Most immigrants come from countries which massively differs in culture from European culture. For example; personal freedom limits either for men, women, and children…etc. Facing all these at one stroke leads to the feeling of cultural shock and to confusion on how to deal with the new culture. What makes the situation worse is that most of the new comers can only speak their mother tongue. This makes communication more difficult with the new society and results in making the the integration a process that might not be so very short.

One more important aspect is that most immigrants have experienced psychological stress in their lives beginning from their home countries through their journey to Europe and to starting their lives here. They need a stable and quiet environment to enable them to coexist effectively.

I admit that there are some unacceptable mistakes are made by some new comers, which reflect their low education level. It demands from us, as a positive society to teach them how to correct their faults instead of reacting negatively in response to them which encourages more negative behaviours. Unfortunately, immigrants have lately been talking about that they are targeted by some racists to punish them for other’s mistakes which destroys the integration efforts.

Although we find the Finns are hospitable, supportive, kind to the immigrants, and they have presented so many favours to the new comers, I wrote these lines to explain what immigrants suffered when they come to Europe. I hope from the people here to be more patient when they deal with immigrants and to give them a chance to make contact with them and to learn the community culture, tradition, and language to facilitate their integration.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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  1. Maria skriver:

    Hi Ammar,
    Nice to read your blog. The welfare in Europe is an interesting issue. Family members don’t have responsibilities towards each other as before. Young people have few obligations towards old people. Every second marriage ends in divorce..
    We talked with each other on the phone, remember when someone you know had to wait outdoors in the middle of the night. Regardless of education, culture, background we all need the same. Feel accepted, somebody to talk to, somebody who cares, a place in society, something to do. People regardless of background have more in common than vice versa. It’s easier when focusing on what we have in common. We also have in common some prejudice, it’s human. But with an open mind and will to learn and acceptance, the prejudice usually fades away.
    Kiva, että puhut nyt suomea!

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