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Syria Dreams of Freedom and Peace

21 Dec , 2016, 17.08 ammaralkaysi


Everybody have seen what is happening in Syria and Aleppo lately. It is kind of a new holocaust taking a part in front of the whole world’s eyes and conscience.

The story begins nearly six years ago when the majority in Syria protests against the regime, and the regime punishes the nation collectively. Some people abbreviate it with a saying: ”People in the world usually choose their president and regime except for Syrians the opposite happened”.

As a result of the cruel oppression against civilians in Syria, many Syrians fled abroad, while lots of them strongly insist to stay in Syria as they love their home country where they have the right to live freely. Also they do not want to be a heavy burden on other nations as a refugees.

In response to the criminal regime and the world’s silence, the Syrian people have been trying hard to survive and to live a normal life under strict siege, the daily different bombs, explosive barrels, and airstrike that took away all their town’s features and basic life services like: hospitals, water supplies, food supplies etc.

The Syrians never lost hope and built schools underground, and lots orphanages for children whose families died in this unmerciful war. We watch the people from The White Helmets when they volunteer to rescue people from under the ruins. Even flower sellers did not stop planting them under such cruel condition to seeds of hope for his nation.

The Syrians work hard for their revolution and future, but nobody in the world assist them som that they can live freely. We witness silently what is going on in Syria, and how some countries support this unjust regime instead of saving Syrian children and their dreams.

Eventually, I really hope the whole world does urgent real efforts to stop the brutality against civilians and try save the humanity which is buried under soil with the many dead Syrian people .

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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