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Asylum Seekers and the Dublin Fingerprint

21 mar , 2016, 16.17 ammaralkaysi


There are a few asylum seekers who have their fingerprint taken in Hungary. They live in worry and await the unknown and fearful future. Some of them really worry about being returned to the country that took their imprint as some of them were treated badly and in an inhumane way by the security authority there for no reason other than being immigrant.

Moreover, some of immigrants were exposed to insult and abuse by this country. For that reason, they left that country and continued their journey towards a country which respects the human rights.

They live in ups and downs according to the news coming to them. Last month the hope came back to them after they had heard that there was a semi-decision was taken by the government in Finland of studying their situations. However, this has been vanished lately, when they saw police who tried to transfer some of them to Hungry, the country where their fingerprint had been taken.

In the end, I hope these asylum seekers will find a suitable solution for their situation that lessens their fear in the near future.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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