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2 jun , 2016, 17.07 ammaralkaysi


On Monday (6.6), a holy Muslim month will begin which is called Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of our lunar calendar. During the Ramadan days (from dawn to sunset) we fast from most of life’s desires like; eating food, drinking, smoking, and sexual relations for the whole month.

We are instructed to increase good deeds and stay away from sinful actions like; insulting people or fighting with others.

Us in Finland and other countries have the longest hours to fast, which is about 21 hours. I think the first days will be hard, then we get used to fast even though it is harder to manage the time during summer.

Ramadan gives Muslims some worthy practical lessons. Firstly, It should train us in how to be patient as we control ourselves from doing what we desire for some time. It also makes us experience what hungry people feel. And also what those in need feel and we can share their experience and react to their situation. There are many other advantages like health benefits.

There are ritual behaviors we usually do during this month. We often gather family, friends, neighbours, relatives, and poor people at the same table and pray together at Ramadan nights. Before daybreak ”Musaharati” a person with a drum walks streets to wake people so they know when the right time is to have their meals.

Food served during Ramadan meals can be dates and dried fruits, Samboosa, eastern desserts, lentil soup, tamarind and liquorice juice.

Here are some of the Ramadan dishes:

A dessert which is called Konafa:

Skärmavbild 2016-06-02 kl. 17.01.31


Koba, which made from rice and minced meat with pickled vegetables:


Skärmavbild 2016-06-02 kl. 17.02.27


Lentil soup:

Skärmavbild 2016-06-02 kl. 17.02.43


Skärmavbild 2016-06-02 kl. 17.02.52

Finally, we have to give charity to poor people in order to make our fast acceptable. I would like to congratulate all Muslims here and around the world, with a common word we used to say to each other, ”Ramadan Mubarak”, which it means blessed Ramadan.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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  1. Tanja skriver:

    Very good and useful information, thank you!
    I just would like to comment about date, June 6th, so it should be 6.6.

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