Life as an immigrant



3 feb , 2017, 16.26 ammaralkaysi


”Skilled hands insure a man against poverty”, this is an old word wisdom.

I was invited to attend a launch of a Kurdish heritage handicraft project two weeks ago by one friend. This handicraft is beginning to disappear due to new technology and industries that enter to the competition.

The project makes wool carpets using simple, handmade equipments. I think the carpets would be useful here, especially during winter.

The purpose of the project is to be as an occupational workshop to train the people interested in carpet handicraft. The purpose is also producing wool carpets and selling the product in the local market.

Despite of the obstacles that the project faces, like the small working area. The man works hard with some support from the government and friends to achieve this unique project.

I felt happy for this great idea. To me this project is reviving an ancient heritage which faces extinction.

I hope such projects will be encouraged more and get more attention.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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