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Terrorism Away from Islam

19 jul , 2016, 11.46 ammaralkaysi


Again another tragedy happened in France during the same year, in which according to media reports, about 84 innocent people were killed.

All normal human beings including Muslims strongly condemn these terrorized actions all around the world. Terrorism is not determined by a religion or a place, it is daily practiced by organized groups, militias, dictatorial governments, and may be a country.

I was startled from the declaration of the France President when he accused Islamic terrorists of the actions. Muslims are wondering why he paired Islam with terrorism? Why did he pay no attention for the suspect’s bad character like taking drugs and and drinking alcohol? Actually, Islam like other religions, cares of the person’s life, thus we have good moral and treat other people well.

As a matter of fact, Muslims pay the price twice, once when being a victim and the other when we are accused or even punished with the reactions towards such actions. Like Europe, we are victims to this disease.

For example, during the last day of Ramadan a bomb was blasted next to the Mosque in Medina in Saudi Arabia, where our prophet ”Mohammed’s”-peace be upon him- mosque, house, and grave is situated. It is confirmed that those people are not related to Islam, which they claimed.


I present my condolences to all families and friends of the victims in France and all the people who are being killed daily in Syria, Iraq, and other countries. I hope these actions will not change the rules or people’s views on immigrants. Also I wish that innocent souls will be saved and I await for a day when no human beings are killed.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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