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Negative Decision

28 jul , 2016, 11.54 ammaralkaysi


The immediate future is an incentive that inspires people to go on and bear hope for their lives. It takes up a great space in human thought, thus enables them to face all life obstacles with optimistic soul and ease.

Unfortunately not all people especially new immigrants can guess what life hides for them.

Everyday immigrants in camps talk about their mysterious future in Finland after they saw an increment in numbers of refused people and negative decisions that had been made by the immigration office. Some of them have been here in Finland nearly a year waiting for the decision so that they can restart their normal life. Now they are frustrated after having heard from the news that their countries are safe, but reality tells a different story.

Recently, whenever I have met people from the camp, they have been talking about their unknown future and showing their worries about getting a negative decision as some other friends already have. I have nothing to tell them, only to be more patient and invest their time in useful activities.

I know how difficult it is when you are waiting for your decision, especially for those who have family in their home country and worry about being a victim instead of them. Therefore, I hope that these people who didn’t find their chance to live in their countries safely, will find a good place to save their soul and settle themselves soon.

One of immigrants,

Ammar Al-Kaysi

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